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PT. Pomala Binatama


We Build Our Reputation By Taking Care Of Yours

Company Overview

At PT. Pomala Binatama, air compressors are all we think about. From selecting the most suitable product specifications and complementing your existing machineries to providing the highest quality of customer service. Assuring you a peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you, our customer, our partner, with products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We seek continuous perfection.

Since 1989, PT. Pomala Binatama has empowered the air compressor industry in Indonesia with the air power needed to turn visions into reality. Today, we honor that heritage by combining creative ingenuity with advanced engineering to deliver you a world class innovation of BELL AIR® Compressors. Made especially for the tropical climate in Indonesia.

BELL AIR® Compressor’s 20 – 470 Horse Power ultra-efficient air compressors are all integrated with a direct drive airend that gives you the convenience to change discharged pressure when necessary. Moreover, BELL AIR® Compressor’s quiet and compact design will enable you to install it right where you want it, giving you the advantage of flexibility. And of course, aside from providing you with a fully equipped air compressors, our competitive price is a given.

Our Philosophy



Many air compressor manufacturers try to push one type of air compressor for all types of applications. The truth is, selection of the appropriate air compressor is vital and should be based on individual needs and applications of machines  at hand. In the case of air compressors, unfortunately, “one size does NOT fit all”. That is why BELL AIR® offers a broad line of air compressor models and control your individual needs and applications. The product range that we carry includes – Direct-Driven, Belt-Driven, Gear-Driven, and Variable Speed Series Stationary Air Compressors, Electric and Diesel Engine Driven Portable Air Compressors, Piston Air Compressors, and many more to provide you with a worry-free one-stop air compressor acquiring experience.


With PT. Pomala Binatama, you always have easy access to whatever air compressor parts and services that you need to keep your business up and running.  Maintaining this large, readily available inventory also offers another advantage; it allows us to keep the prices of our genuine BELL AIR® Compressor Spare Parts more affordable than our competitors.

So when you partner with PT. Pomala Binatama, you can count on us to do our very best to help you maximize your productivity. After all, that’s what partners are for. We utilize proven manufacturing processes, the latest state-of-the-art equipment and 100 percent genuine BELL AIR® Compressor Spare Parts to ensure the quality of our products from start to finish. When you choose PT. Pomala Binatama you get more than just another air compressor manufacturer or supplier, you get a partner who is as interested in your success as we are in our own. That’s why we’re so dedicated to providing you with air compressors of the highest possible quality. We truly build our reputation by taking care of yours.